The Spotlight on Nebraska

In the past week, the Nebraska Legislature hotly contested the way Nebraska counts its electoral votes. Unlike most states which adopt a winner-take-all approach- where the candidate securing the popular vote in the state is awarded all of the state’s electoral votes. However, Nebraska is different from the others whereas electoral votes are allocated based on the outcomes within each congressional district, therefore allowing for a split in electoral votes. Let me be clear, the winner-take-all system is a concept that I brought to light in 2021. I support a winner-take-all system.

I brought winner-take-all as an amendment to the last Government Committee bill on General File (LB 1300). Given the recent interest in this issue, it was incumbent that the Nebraska Legislature finally took a full vote. This put everyone on the record. It is clear that Republicans can talk a big talk but can’t walk the walk when it comes to actually getting things done. This proposal was not just about changing the rules; it was about ensuring that Nebraska’s voice in presidential elections is heard loud and clear. Former President Donald Trump even chimed in, urging Nebraska to “do the right thing.” But as we know, doing the right thing is not always as straightforward as it seems.

Nebraska and Maine are the only states that allow their electoral votes to be split. My advocacy for a winter-take-all system stems from a belief in streamlining the electoral process and ensuring that Nebraska’s “blue dot” (Omaha) does not dictate and tilt the election. Bringing the winner-take-all as an amendment to LB 1300 was a strategic move aimed at encouraging meaningful discussion and action on this issue. This recent surge in interest compelled the Nebraska Legislature to take a public stance, thereby holding every member accountable for their stances.

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