NE LB848

January 5, 2024

Change the maximum age for the Adjutant General

2024/01/05 Referred to Government, Military and Veterans Affairs Committee

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NE LR496

Interim study to examine issues relating to the State Department of Education 2024/04/18 Referred to Education Committee Post Views: 8

NE LR385

Interim study to examine state standardized testing required in elementary and secondary public schools and the (AQuESTT) system used to classify schools under the

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Interim study to determine the scope and use of student surveillance, monitoring, and tracking technology by school officials in Nebraska 2024/04/05 Referred to Education

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Interim study to determine the scope and use by school districts of a ban and bar action, banning and barring individuals from school property

NE LR425

Interim study to examine the challenges faced by families with special needs students in enrolling such students as option students in other school districts
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